Rod's Words N' Art

      A nearly day-by-day account of the Texas Revolution from start to finish; an epic story of the political chaos, bloody mistakes, ultimate triumph, and aftermath that marked this singular event in history. This book goes beyond simple documentation to dispel some myths and clarify some of the realities. The authors donít decorate or revise history but try to illuminate it, and to show not the shadow but the substance of the subject. Seldom-addressed facts, details and vignettes are woven into the tapestry of the text to tell the entire story of the Texas Revolution, which had its own sweeping and extensive aftermath. In the attempt to pierce the armor and enter the sanctum of early 19th-century personality and character, this book also includes biographical sketches of the major and minor participants ó key foreground players as well as everyday background folks, on both sides of this monumental struggle.

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Winner of the 2014 Elmer Kelton Nonfiction Book Award from the Academy of Western Artists.