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      On the Crockett Trail is a history/travel book that retraces the last journey of David Crockett from his last home in Rutherford, Tennessee, to the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. Utilizing old journals, letters, newspaper articles, current roadmaps and some speculation, author Rod Timanus mapped out and traveled a driving route closely following Crockett's trip of 1835-36. Intermingling historical narrative with personal observation, the book provides information, background, hours of operation and photographs of various historic sites, restorations and areas of interest in Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas that relate to Crockett and his journey. This book will provide a valuable resource for the traveler or armchair historian who wishes to visit some of the same places, retrace portions, or all, of the trip on their own or just acquire information on a long overlooked adventure in Crockett's life. David Crockett traveled over 1,500 miles from West Tennessee, through the territory of Arkansas to the country of Mexico (Texas) to ultimately die at the Alamo. His longest journey of exploration into the unknown became only a footnote in the history of the Texas Revolution, as even Crockett biographers devote little space to it. On the Crockett Trail will give the reader a greater appreciation of the trip Crockett made.

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